MotoGP 08 Demo

A trial version of the popular racing game MotoGP 08 that features realistic graphics an several camera modes

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    7.2 (1739)

MotoGP 08 is a racing game that utilizes the speed, mechanics and physics of a motorbike, rather than a car. It allows the player to race through the world that was available during the '08 tournament.

MotoGP 08 is the official game of the championship. As a result, all of the logos of the teams that compete, as well as the colors, uniform design and names will all be accurate to how they were in the real life championship. All of the bikes that are being used will also be extremely accurate, as well as the tracks that are being raced. The actual brands of the companies that sponsored the MotoGP will also be fully represented, including Honda, Yamaha and Ducati. This is exceedingly helpful, because it ensures that a person who is playing the game will be able to fully experience what it was like to be in the 2008 MotoGP.

There is, in the beginning of the game, time for a new player to read a full tutorial regarding the different types of bikes that are available, as well as the different driving styles that exist. The tutorial will be able to help an inexperienced player determine what his or her driving style is, as well as which bike would best fit that driving style. The tutorial will also explain the wide variety of different game modes that can be used to play MotoGP.

The game modes that are available are Career, Quick Race, Championship and Online Mode. The quick race mode will allow players to be able to play individual races with little to no setup on their parts. This is the best version for those who only have time for one or two games. The Championship game mode allows people to play a number of different races, each of which contributes to a person's overall ranking in a Championship. The Career mode will keep track of all of the different scores over multiple championships and allow a person to gather an overall score over his or her character's lifetime. Online mode is when a person is able to connect with other players online and race against them.

MotoGP has decent graphics, which enhances the level of game play because it allows the player to see all of the different details that he or she may need to make racing decisions. There are also several camera angles that will be available for a player to use to enhance the realism of the game.

The controls for this game are very easy, with "A" used to accelerate, "S" used to brake and the left and right arrows used to control the direction of the driver.


  • Easy Controls
  • Realistic Teams and Racing Experience
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Multiple Camera Angles Available


  • Demo is Too Limited and Does Not Show Enough of the Game
  • Key Combinations Can Be Considered Difficult to Manage
  • Graphics Could Be Better

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